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Gul Dan dead, Alliance #1

by Burning hate, 6 days ago

Just a quick note to say congratulations to the night hold team today for their Alliance #1 kill on Gul Dan, we came second in the battle group and were neck and neck right the way up to Gul Dan himself. congratulation guys im really proud of you all. 

And an aliance #1 kill is a fantastic birthday present thank you .

Alexander Fisher

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Night Hold Survival Guide - Wowhead

by Burning hate, 7 days ago

Good morning guild, 

Wowhead have published a survival guide for the night hold. i recommend anyone who is unsure of any of the tactics for the night hold take a look, especially if you are planing to join in on the morning raid for server first.

Kind regards, 

Alexander Fisher 

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Guild Summery, The Nighthold

by Burning hate, 13 days ago

Good morning guild, it has been some time since ive done one of these but i thought i would take a moment to outline our plan for the nighthold. 

- Morning of release, as the server come up on Wednesday we are planing to do a morning raid. we want server first gul dan so make sure you know your tactics for all the bosses. contact TinyTonk if you would like to get involved. we expect this team to be small (10-15 players)

- Wednesday Night, this will see our usual raid commence as normal. if we have not cleared normal mode night hold then we will pick up where we left off. but the most likely event is that we will begin with skorpicron heroic. 

- Saturday, - this will see a continuation of our heroic progression

- Monday, - if we have not cleared heroic then this raid will see a continuation of our heroic progress. once we are in a position to clear heroic in 2 days (wednesday and Saturday) we will use this raid for normal mode. the idea being we can use it to gear people up and get tier gear while also letting our socials see the content 

at the end of this process we will be announcing a new mythic roster. this will be split into 2 branches. 1 that shows our best team. and another that covers the bench team. players who are on the bench will be there for 1 of 3 reasons. 

1 availability - if you availability or mythic is sketchy we will usually put you as first reserve on the bench. 

2 gear - if you are slightly under geared then you will be put on the bench 

3 Skill - we are more likely to bench you if you are a player who struggles with basic mechanics. 

benched players still have a high likely hood of raiding as we are a social guild and that means spots do become available. - we will also be switching the team up as needed to adapt to specific bosses. for example 6 healers on ilyganoth mythic. 

if you have any questions or would like to join any of these teams then feel free to contact tinytonk. alternatively if he is too scary pop on discord and im happy to chat to you about it ^^

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Lights, Camera, Dragons! #4/7

by Burning hate, 15 days ago

Good morning Guild, 

I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate the guild on its continues progress this week. on Saturday we freed the tormented spirits of the dragons of nightmare once more bringing them peace. 

For those who remember vanilla - WOTLK. thank fuck Emeris doesn't do % damage anymore. 

we are planing TOV heroic on Monday and will be extending our raid lock of for EN so as to progress ilyganoth and cenarius. 

This is our last week to progress mythic EN. and cutting edge would be a nice addition to our repertoire. 

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Renferal Down!

by Burning hate, 19 days ago

Good Morning Rebellion, 

It is with a great bit smile on my face that i report that late last night a small band of adventured descended into the emerald nightmare to face off against the corrupted druid Elerethe Renferal on mythic difficulty. in 9 pulls we were able to silence the corrupted druids screams and bring peace at last to her tortured spirit. 

Congratulations to the Rebellion Mythic team for downing renferal and taking our mythic kill count up to 3.

This weeks raid represented something special for me. it was the first time i felt that our group was killing mythic bosses as if it was just another day at the officer. nythendra MC? NP dude i got that no need to call. it was a really pleasant environment. i can officially say that nythendra mythic is now on farm. and unless something goes really wrong we will kill her usually in 2 pulls 

we took ursoc down again this week. unfortunately our dps is just a little too low to beat the enrage timer without using vantis runes. we got him to 7% on our first pull (without runes) before the enrage got us. but i suspect much of that is because we had a few players dialing in from holiday locations (meaning their connection was crap). 

Healers Healers Everywhere, what was nice this week was to see a sudden explosion of mythic ready healers. we had 8 to pick from this week meaning that we could tailor the groups really well. unfortunately this meant i had to play ret instead of holy (what else can you do when there are 3 mythic ready holy paladins trying to get a spot and you are the only one that can pull the dps :P) but this actually worked out in our favor as it meant i could flip between all 3 roles as needed for different bosses.

i want to take a moment to say i am really proud of our paladin team. we currently stand as a guild at 5 of the best holy paladins ive ever seen, and another 2-3 that are really up and coming. and they work very closely together all the time making sure they can be the best they can be. supporting each other and exchanging ideas. i really think this is one of the major advantages of having a social guild as it means we can draw upon over a decade of experience from people that dont necessarily have the time to raid any more.

I also want to take a moment to especially thank Havocs. in our raid team Havocs fulfills the roll of drill Sargent, his job is to call and he does it really well. what was clear to me and most of our officer team this week is that without Havocs contribution, our raids would have been a lot more difficult. 

Lastly i would like to take a moment to talk about our tanks. i have tanked in mmorpgs for over 6 years. i wouldn't say im the best tank but i am pretty good at it ^^, with legion tanking went from being "smash buttons dont loose threat, use cd here" to an art form. there is a nuance to tanking that is very rarely seen anywhere else in the game, and getting it right is bloody hard. what i saw in this weeks raid was some of the best tanking i have ever seen, both our tanks on referral performed fetes of suitability that frankly i couldn't do, their use of active and passive mits along with cycled CD's, picking up adds and minimizing damage made the Renferal fight look more like a carefully choreographed dance being performed in the heart of the west end. i feel good tanking sometimes gets overlooked so this is me saying well done guys :) 

a big tank you to the rest of the rebellion team for making this possible. to all the people that attended the raid, to those outside the raids who help support us, with pots, flasks, and food buffs. enchants and tomes. and even those who just make playing the game fun. 

Thank you,

Alexander Fisher - Burninghate 

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