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Thorironfist! Player of the Week (16/10/2016)

by Burning hate, 10 days ago

Good Morning Everyone, 

A big congratulations to ThorIronFist for winning this weeks player of the week. 

this week was a close one with only 1 vote separating the nominees, 

Thor Surprised us earlier this week with a substantial donation of 800 Starlight Rose to the Guild Bank, he later followed this up with a donation of an additional 600 Starlight Rose, 1000 Dreamleaf, 800 Franskaggle, 800 Athril 800 FoxFlower and 50,000 Gold to cover crafting costs, His last donation this week was of 50+ Chaos Crystals to assist with enchanting. This donation is estimated in value at around 400k. 

The reason we decided to award Thor player of the week is 3 fold. Firstly, upon finding out we needed herbs he immediately turned over his personal supply and set about farming more, going far above and beyond what we would expect of anyone, Secondly after he has finished supplying us with herbs he set about finding out what else we needed and began supplying those. and thirdly the shear time investment that went into farming these materials has genuinely left me speechless. 

the guild bank now contains:

over 3 stacks of int flasks 

over 3 stacks of agility flasks 

over 3 stacks of stamina flasks 

and nearly 2 stacks of strength flasks

And once again we find out selves low on starlight rose but at least now we have a little bit of a buffer before we run out of flasks :) so thank you once again Thor we appreciate it. 


The Other Nominee This week was James (Riken/Soma) who was nominated for running a great many mythic dungeons, James poured a great deal of time and effort throughout the week, attempting to gear out higher level dps so that we would be able to continue progressing in the emerald nightmare, he assisted in the completion of a whopping +8 mythic dungeon, ensuring that the people present will receive an item level 880 item from their weekly caches as well as speed farming some lower level mythic's cycling through peoples keystones and generally assisting with Mythic + runs throughout the week. As i said above the vote was really close this week. and many officer found they couldn't pick between you 2 and so decided to vote for both :P


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New Raid Setup

by Burning hate, 17 days ago

Good Morning Guild, 

I would like to take a moment to briefly explain our new raiding set up.

First of all Rebellion will be running two types of raid. we will run both a light hearted more casual raid though EN normal that will be led by Havocks and Andorew and a more focused raid designed to clear content that will be lead by TinyTonk

The Light Harted Raid

  • When: Wednesday
  • Time: 8:00 pm Server Time

This raid will function as a more light hearted raid. it is intended to keep the social aspect of raiding alive and to be a raid where we have fun and generally enjoy the game. this will also be a raid where people can bring their alts to gear up and a raid where we look at doing some of the raid achievements.

The More Focused Raid

  • When: Friday and Saturday
  • Time: 8:30 pm Server Time

This raid is designed to push progression as far as it can go. it intends to take a team of our very best every week with the aim of reaching mythic asap.

As we kill bosses and move towards having HC on farm we will being to run the rest of the guild through it for their Ahead of the Curve achievement

Everyone who is in this group is there because they have expressed an interest in a more fast pace progression and because we believe they are the best we can put together.

This team will run with 13 players, the raid composition will be 2 tanks, 3 healers 4 ranged dps and 4 melee dps. we run with 13 because that is the most ideal set up for maximizing dps without your healers struggling. Naturally the list of people we want to take is longer than 13.

If you have any questions about the more focused raid please talk to TinyTonk

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Elthis! Player of the week (09/10/2016)

by Burning hate, 17 days ago

Good Morning Guild. 

I am happy to announce that this Weeks Player of the Week is


Elthis was nominated by the officer team for doubling his dps in 3 days. 

On Friday he did 95k on il'gynoth in the emerald nightmare, however by Monday he was parsing at 200k single target. 

Because it is quite rare for someone to double their dps and we dont think we will ever see quite so sharp an increase in someones performance over such a short period of time again, we felt that Elthis deserved recognition for such an outstanding improvement. 

 The other nominees were:

  • Mooskito for running lots of dungeons and being really active on TS 
  • Yrami for being active in G chat 


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Introducing Player Of the Week

by Burning hate, 17 days ago

Good Morning Everyone, 

Rebellion is pleased to announce that we are introducing a player of the week initiative. 

each week, we will ask our guildies to nominate who they think deserves to be recognized as player of the week. guildies can be nominated for anything that you feel deserve recognition. 

at the end of the week the officers will review the nominees and vote for a player of the week. 

Example reasons:

  • being particularly active in G chat 
  • helping guildies with, questing, dungeons, pvp, (anything really)
  • saving someone from being ganked.
  • Personal improvement, (i.e. massively improving your dps/hps, improving on moving out of stuff)
  • being active on TS
  • Helping to produce consumables for the guild
  • Helping people with personal problems 
  • Generally being social and fun to be around. 


There are a few rules:

  • players have to be nominated based on what they have done this week 
  • if an officer has been nominated they are not allowed to vote 
  • if an officer has been nominated it needs to be because they have gone above and beyond what we would normally expect for them 

The Prize:

  • Your name will be added to G message of the Day 
  • I will write an post about why we think you are awesome on the website 
  • you will get your flasks paid for by the guild for the weeks raid (gold alternative available for players who don't raid)
  • you get to feel special for a week! 

Nominations can be submitted to any officer. 

Happy gaming 

Burninghate and the Officer Team


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