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Slight Change in Raiding Scheduled for this week

by Burning hate, 14 days ago

Good Morning Rebellion, 

This week we are changing up our raiding scheduled slightly, see below 

Wednesday - Trial Of Valor Normal  Emerald Nightmare Heroic (8:00 - 11:00) Server Time

Friday Emerald Nightmare Heroic Trial of Valor Normal (8:30 - 01:00)  Server Time

This change is so that we can focus on downing Helya and move onto TOV Heroic 


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Mythic Raiding

by Burning hate, 21 days ago

Good morning Guild, 


Now that we have cleared Emerald nightmare on heroic i wanted to take some time to detail our plan for mythic. 

Firstly we are a social guild. and it is understandable for people to be away. so with this in mind we want to maintain a 10 play bench of players who are geared and capable of clearing mythic content. this bench will contain a mix of roles from melee and ranged dps to raid and tank healers to different types of tanks as well as players with flip roles like my self. the idea being that on any given night someone will be able to take the place of any missing raider without impacting the raid too much. 

we settled on 10 as a number for 2 reasons. firstly it will give us a range of classes and roles to pick from. and secondly as we dont expect everyone to make every raid. a 10 player bench also means that if some of our bench players are away one week, we can still fill our raid team. 

When selecting players for the mythic team we look at 4 main criteria. these are :

- Dedication (this ties into availability but is essentially how dedicated is a player to clearing mythic content, we dont want to be in a position where we are forcing people who dont want to do mythic into doing mythic, and likewise we dont want to be in a position where we are relying on people who know that they will be away a lot. for example if they can only raid once a month. then they probably wont make the mythic team.)

- Gear (This is more applicable to dps than healers and tanks but essentially we are looking at a minimum of 300k dps per player in mythic. With regards to healers and tanks, we have been monitoring them over the course of our heroic raids and will be selecting the best players biased on performance, timing and how well they can react to the fights. it is worth noting mythic has no recommended item level)

- Movement and Mechanics (when selecting our team we are looking for the best players we have. in mythic 1 person making a mistake will wipe the raid. as a result we will be prioritizing players who have a good grasp of the mechanics and have demonstrated that they can move when they need to. )

- Experience (we are looking for players that are experienced in their class, that have raided before and they have experience difficult content with a level head. in particular we want players that dont panic and that know how to maximize their class. mythic raiding is a collaborative effort and every players input will be valuable. )

The team we plan to go with will be announced in 2 weeks times. in the mean time we will continue to work on our gear and solidifying our raid team. if you want to be part of the team, please talk to TinyTonk 


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The Week Ahead

by Burning hate, 21 days ago

Hi Everyone to just a quick note to detail the plan for the Week Ahead 


This Tuesday we will be running our rated BG event, with the aim of getting 3 wins under out belt for the weekly cache. Hopeing to build on our sucess the previous week i expect this event to be pretty awesome.


Trial Of Valor. taking advantage of the i level buff to TOV we will aim to clear this place on normal mode. if we succeeded we will start progressing it on heroic.

I expect we will at least kill oden and guarm,

Currently the Raid team for this instance has not been confirmed but i can confirm the following 

Ollie (Tanking)

Shaun (Healing) 


Mythic + night. me and Shaun will be running these all day. so hit me up if you have a key ^^. as will all of our 5 man nights feel free to create your own groups and tackle the content as you please. if you feel you cant get the required dps from guild then feel free to pug. 


Heroic(The Emerald Nightmare)

a rinse and repeat of last week. we will be running the emerald nightmare on heroic mode with the aim to clear in the time. if we clear early we will either continue tov or do a quick clear on normal. 


Kara Time. as useual we will try and get some groups doing kara this week. Ollie will try to take a group to get nightbane and see how far they can get before running out of time. again as with all 5 man content days feel free to get a group together your self. 


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Veni, vidi, vici

by Burning hate, 26 days ago

I came; I saw; I conquered.

Words that were echoed in last night rated battle ground event, 

we had a colossal turn out list night that enabled us to kick off 3 Rated Battle Ground. 

we start off with a shaky start in Arathi basin loosing ground quickly. but were able to rally behind our raid leader and turn the tables eventually owning 3 bases. unfortunately this came too late to win us the game and we lost with a score of 1491 : 1500 defiantly one of the closest games ive ever played, 

in the second match we found our selves against the same team in Warsong gulch. the game started again in favor of the enemy with our group loosing the middle ground. we quickly hit out first stand off with both teams holding a flag. unfortunately our flag carried died before their so they capped 0:1. however some quick thinking from our team quickly got us the flag again and we managed to cap. This proved to be the last cap off the game and with time running out the enemy team threw them selves at us with a all consuming ferocity, the calm tenacity of our leader however saw us through and we proceeded to win our first game of the evening. 

Our last game saw us in twin peaks. continuing with out initial warsong gulch strategy we meet the enemy in the middle and were able to quickly break them. we then proceeded to cap several flags and win the game without the enemy team scoring. 

The night was an overwhelming success for our first PVP night and we saw some unbelievable game play from a number of our members, Mooskito and Gathol were certainly among the starts of the night with Moo proving to be an unstoppable attacking force and Gathol showing us that when it comes to defending nothing gets past him. Lighttink certainly showed the healing team who's boss using his life grip to save our flag carrier on several occasions and disabling 2 resto druids with his mass dispel (he is also quite a fan of mind controlling people and sending them to their deaths). 

On the back of this I am nominating Gathol, Mooskito and Lighttink for Player of the week. keep it up guys! 

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